Removes cloth when placed over face
Look for object that has been removed from direct line of vision
Removes object form open container by reaching into container
Places object in container in imitation
Places object in container on verbal command
Shakes a sound-making toy on a string
Puts 3 objects into a container, empties container
Transfers object from one hand to the other to pick up another object
Drops and picks up toy
Finds object hidden under container
Pushes 3 blocks train-style
Removes circle from formboard
Places round peg in pegboard on request
Performs simple gestures on request


Individually takes out 6 objects from container
Points to one body part
Stacks 3 blocks on request
Matches like objects
Points to self when asked, “ where’s (name)?”
Places 5 round pegs in pegboard on request
Matches 5 objects with picture of same object
Points to name picture
Turn pages of book 2-3 at a time to find named picture


Finds specific book on request
Completes 3-piece formboard
Names 4 common pictures
Draws a vertical line in imitation
Draws a horizontal line in imitation
Copies a circle
Matches textures
Points to big and little upon request
Names objects that make sounds
Puts together 4-part nesting toy
Names action pictures
Matches geometric form with picture of shape
Stacks 5 or more rings on a peg in order


Names big and little objects
Points to 10 body parts when asked
Points to boy and girl on verbal command
Tells if object is heavy or light
Puts together 2 parts of shape to make whole
Describes two events or characters from familiar story or television program
Repeats fingerplays with words and actions
Matches 1 to 1 (3 or more objects)
Points to long and short objects
Tells which objects go together
Counts to 3 in imitation
Arranges objects into categories
Draws a “V” stroke in imitation
Draws a diagonal line from corner to corner of 4-inch square of paper
Counts to 10 objects in imitation
Builds a bridge with 3 blocks in imitation
Builds a bridge with 3 blocks in imitation
Matches sequence or pattern of clocks or beads
Copies series of connected V strokes (VVVVVVVVV)
Adds leg and/or arm to incomplete person
Completes a 6-piece puzzle
Names objects as same and different
Draws a square in imitation
Names three colors on request
Names three shapes, q, ▲, and ¦


Picks up specified number of objects on request (1-5)
Names five textures
Copies triangle on request
Recalls 4 objects seen in a picture
Names time of day associated with activities
Repeats familiar rhymes
Tells whether objects is heavier or lighter (less than one pound)
Tells what is missing when one object is removed from a group of three
Names eight colors
Names penny, nickel, and dime (coin)
Matches symbols (letters and numerals)
Tells colors of named objects
Re-tells five main facts from story heard 3 times
Draws a person (head,trunk,4 limbs)
Sings five lines of song
Builds pyramid of 10 blocks in imitation
Names long and short
Places objects behind, beside, nect to
Matches equal sets to sample of 1 to 10 objects
Names or points to missing part of pictured object
Counts by rote 1 to 20
Names first, middle, and last position


Counts up to 20 items ad tells how many
Names 10 numerals
Names left and right on self
Says letters of alphabet in order
Prints own first name
Names five letters of alphabet
Arranges objects in sequence of width and length
Names capital letters of alphabet
Puts numerals 1 to10 in proper sequence
Names position of objects: first, second, third
Names lower case letters of alphabet
Matches capital to lower case letters
Points to named numerals, 1 to 25
Copies diamond shape
Completes simple maze
Names days of week in order
Can add and subtract combinations to three
Tells month and day of birthday
Sight reads 10 printed words
Predicts what happens next
Points to half and whole objects
Counts by rote 1 to 100

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