Reaches for objects 6-9 inches in front of him
Grasp object held 3 inches in front of child
Reaches and grasps object in front of him
Reaches for preferred object
Puts object in mouth
Head and chest supported on arms while on stomach
Holds head and chest erect, supported on one arm
Feels and explores object with mouth
Turns from stomach to side, maintains position 50% of the time
Rolls from stomach to back
Moves forward one body length on stomach
Rolls from back to side
Turns from back to stomach
Pulls to sitting position when grasping adult fingers
Turns head freely when body is supported
Maintains sitting position for two minutes
Puts down one object deliberately to reach another
Picks up and drops object on purpose
Stands with maximum support
Bounces up and down in standing position while being supported
Crawls one body length to obtain object
Sits self-supported
From sitting position, turns to hands and knees position
Moves from stomach to sitting position
Sits without hand support
Flings objects haphazardly
Rocks back and forth on hands and knees
Transfers objects from one hand to the other in sitting position
Retains two one-inch cubes in one hand
Pulls self to on-knees position
Pulls self to standing position
User pincer grasp to pick up object
Reaches with one hand from creeping position
Stands with minimum support
Licks food from around mouth
Stands alone for one minute
Dumps object from receptacle
Turns pages of book, several at a time
Scoops with spoon or shovel
Puts small objects in container
Lowers self from standing to sitting position
Claps hands
Walks with minimum aid
Takes a few steps without support


Creeps upstairs
Moves from sitting to standing position
Rolls a ball in imitation
Climbs into adult chair, turns and sits
Puts 4 rings on peg
Removes 1” peg from pegboard
Puts 1” peg in pegboard
Builds tower of 3 blocks
Marks with crayon or pencil
Walks independently
Creeps down stairs, feet first
Seats self in small chair
Squats and returns to standing
Pushes and pulls toys while walking
Uses rocking horse or rocking chair
Walks upstairs with aid
Bends at waist to pick up objects without falling
Imitate circular motion


Strings 4 large beads
Turns door knobs, handles, etc.
Jumps in place with both feet
Walks backwards
Walks down stairs with aid
Throws ball to adult 5 feet away without adult moving feet
Builds tower of 5-6 blocks
Turns pages one at a time
Unwraps small object
Folds paper in half in imitation
Takes apart and puts together snap-together toy
Unscrews nesting toys
Kicks large stationary ball
Rolls clay balls
Grasps pencil between thumb and forefinger, resting on third finger
Forward somersault with aid
Pounds 5 out of 5 pegs


Puts together 3-piece puzzle or formboard
Snips with scissors
Jumps from height of 8 inches
Kicks large ball when rolled to him
Walks on tiptoe
Runs 10 steps with coordinated, alternating arm movement
Pedals tricycle or other wheel toy five feet
Swings on swing when started in motion
Climbs up and slides down 4-6 foot slide
Somersaults forward
Walks upstairs, alternating feet
Catches ball with two hands
Uses templates
Cuts along 8” straight line within ¼” of line


Stands on one foot without aid 4-8 seconds
Runs changing direction
Walks balance beam
Jumps forward 10 times without falling
Jumps over string 2 inches off the floor
Jumps backward six times
Bounces and catches large ball
Puts together clay shapes with 2 to 3 parts
Cuts curve
Screws together threaded object
Walks downstairs, alternating feet
Pedals tricycle, turning corner
Hops on one foot 5 successive times
Cuts out 2-inch circle
Draws simple recognizable pictures, such as house, person, tree
Cuts out and pastes simple shapes


Prints capital letters, large, single, anywhere on paper
Walks balance board forward, backward, and sideways
Swings on swing, initiating and sustaining motion
Spreads fingers, touching thumb to each finger
Can copy small letters
Climbs up step ladders or steps ten feet high to slide
Hits nail with hammer
Dribbles ball, with direction
Colors, remaining within lines 95%
Can cut out picture from magazine or catalog without being more than ¼” from edge
Uses pencil sharpener
Copies complex drawings
Tears simple shapes from paper
Folds paper square two times on diagonal in imitation
Catches soft ball or bean bag with one hand
Jump rope by self
Hits ball with bat or stick
Picks up object from ground while running
Skates forward 10 feet
Rides bicycle
Slides on sled
Walks or plays in waist-high water in swimming pool
Steers wagon, propelling with one foot
Jumps up and pivots on one foot
Prints name on primary paper using lines
Jumps from height of 12 inches and lands on balls of feet
Stands on one foot, no support, eyes closed, 10 seconds
Hangs 10 seconds from horizontal bar bearing own weight on arms

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