Sucks and swallows liquid
Eats liquefied foods, i.e. baby cereal
Reaches for bottle
Eats strained foods
Holds bottle
Directs bottle by guiding it
Eat mashed table foods
Drinks from cup
Eats semi solid foods
Feeds self with fingers
Holds and drinks
Takes spoon filled with food
Holds out arms


Eats table food with spoon independently
Holds and drinks from cup with one hand
Puts hand in water
Sits on potty
Puts hat on head
Pulls off socks
Pushes arm through sleeves
Takes off shoes
Takes off coat
Takes off pants
Zips and unzips
Uses words


Feeds self using spoon and cup with some spilling
Takes towel from parent
Sucks liquid from glass
Scoops with fork
Chews and swallows
Dries hands
Asks to go to bathroom
Controls drooling
Urinates or defecates in potty
Puts on shoes
Brushes teeth
Takes off simple clothing
Uses bathroom for bowel movement
Gets drink from faucet
Washes hands and face
Asks to go to bathroom
Places coat
Stays dry
Avoids hazards
Uses napkins
Stabs food
Pours from small pitcher
Unfastens snaps
Washes own arm
Puts on coat
Finds front of clothing


Feeds self entire meal
Dresses self with help on pullover shirts and all fasteners
Wipes nose
Wakes up dry
Males urinate standing up
Initiates and completes dressing
Snaps or hooks clothing
Blows nose
Avoids common dangers
Puts coat
Brushes teeth
Puts on mittens
Unbuttons large buttons
Buttons large buttons
Puts on boots


Cleans up spills, getting own cloth
Avoids poison
Unbuttons own clothing
Button own clothing
Clears place at table
Puts zipper foot in catch
Wakes from sleep
Wipes and blows nose
Bathes elf
Uses knife for spreading
Dresses self completely
Serves self at table
Helps set table
Brushes teeth
Goes to bathroom
Hangs up clothes
Goes to
Laces shoes
Ties shoes


Is responsible for one weekly household task and does it upon request
Selects appropriate clothing for temperature and occasion
Stops at curb, looks both ways, and crosses street without verbal reminders
Serves self at table and passes serving dish
Prepares own cold cereal
Is responsible for daily household task (i.e. setting table, taking out trash)
Adjusts water temperature for shower or bath
Prepares own sandwich
Walks to school, playground, store within two blocks of home independently
Cuts soft foods with knife (i.e. hotdogs, bananas, baked potato)
Finds correct bathroom in public place
Opens ½ pint milk carton
Picks up, carries, sets down cafeteria tray
Ties hood strings
Buckles own seat belt in car

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