Watches person moving directly in line of vision
Smiles in response to attention by adult
Vocalizes in response to attention
Looks at own hands, often smiles or vocalizes
Responds to being in family circle by smiling, vocalizing, or ceasing to cry
Smiles in response to facial expression of others
Smiles and vocalizes to mirror image
Pats and pulls at adult facial features (hair, nose, glasses, etc.)
Reaches for offered object
Reaches for familiar persons
Reaches for and pats at mirror image or another infant
Holds and examines offered object for at least a minute
Shakes or squeezes object placed in hand, making sounds unintentionally
Plays unattended for 10 minutes
Seeks eye contact often when attended for 2-3 minutes
Vocalizes to gain attention
Imitates “peek-a-boo”
Claps hands (pas-a-cake) in imitation of adult
Raises arms – “so big”- in imitation of adult
Offers toy, object, or bit of food to adult but does not always release it
Hugs, pats, kisses familiar persons
Shows response to own name by looking or reaching to be picked up
Squeezes or shakes toy to produce sound in imitation
Manipulates toy or object
Extends toy or object to adult and releases
Imitates movements of another child at play


Imitates adult in simple task (tries to vacuum, pulls at bedding, puts clothes in basket)
Plays near one other child, e ach doing separate activities
Takes part in game, pushing car, or rolling ball with another child, 2-5 minutes
Accepts parents’ absence by continuing activities, may momentarily fuss
Actively explores his environment
Takes part in manipulative games (pulls string, turns handle) with another person
Hugs and carries doll or soft toy
Repeats actions that produce laughter and attention
Hands book to adult to read or share with him
Pulls at another person to show them some action or object
Withdraws hand, says “no-no” when near forbidden object, with reminders
Waits for needs to be met when placed in high chair or on changing table
Plays near 2 or 3 peers
Shares object or food with one other child when requested
Greets peers and familiar adults when reminded


Cooperates with parental request 50% of the time
Given directions, child can take or bring object or person from another room
Attends to music or stories 5-10 minutes
Says “please” and “thank you” when reminded
Attempts to help parent with tasks by doing a part of the chore (holding dust pan)
Plays “dress-up” in adult clothes
Makes a choice when asked
Shows understanding of feelings by verbalizing love, mad, sad, laugh, etc.


Sings and dances to music
Follows rules by imitating actions of other children
Greets familiar adults without reminder
Follow rules in group games led by adult
Asks permission to use toy that peer is playing with
Says please and thank you without reminder 50% of the time
Answers telephone, calls for adult or talks to familiar person
Will take turns
Follows rules in group games led by an older child
Cooperates with adult requests 50% of the time
Stays in own yard area with adult supervision
Plays near and talks with other children when working on own project (30 minutes)
Asks for assistance when having difficulty (with bathroom or getting a drink)
Contributes to adult conversation
Repeats rhymes, songs, or dances for others
Works alone at chore for 20-30 minutes
Apologizes without reminder 50% of the time
Will take turns with 8-9 other children
Plays with 2-3 children for 20 minutes in cooperative activity (project or game)
Engages in socially acceptable behavior in public
Asks permission to use objects belonging to others 75% of the time


States feelings about self: mad, happy, love
Plays with 4-5 children in cooperative activity without constant supervision
Explains rules of game or activity to others
Imitates adult roles
Joins in conversation at mealtime
Follow rules of verbal reasoning game
Comforts playmates in distress
Chooses own friends
Plans and builds using simple tools (inclined planes, fulcrum, lever, pulley)
States goals for himself and carries out activity
Acts out parts of story, playing part or using puppets0

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