Philippine Educational System: Is Inclusion Effective or Ineffective

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13 thoughts on “Philippine Educational System: Is Inclusion Effective or Ineffective”

    1. If I am a teacher these inclusion will be ineffective in the philippine setting for it is hard to manage these exceptional children.Just like if the class is discussing activities on saving the environment the deaf-blind student could not work on collage of picture on the topic.Normal students tend to learn with and from each other rather than competing to those balony children.So that’s why it is ineffective.


    2. I believe that inclusion in Philippines will not be effective for this inclusion is not yet appropriate to Filipinos. I can say that because I know that we Filipinos are not yet ready to be thought of the different things about the special children. And also I believe that in teaching someone it is important that the one you are teaching should be ready to learn about the wonders of special education, that being said, I believe that even we, the students of special education still have the difficulties to understand their changes in behaviors . That being said these inclusion is not yet effective in the Philippine setting.


    3. Inclusion is no good because first, a special child can’t understand very well if he/she is mixed with a regular student. Second, a teacher sometimes can’t understand the situation of a special children well. Therefore, for me, inclusion is no good.


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