The Voices for Inclusion

Villa Abrille Rigonan Angco Curacha Abenio Fundal Priete Capito Dujali,Mindog Montederamos Villavelez Gultiano Ilogon Matucading Sayson Macomao Tinanac Perez Malingin
17.2 17.2 15.8 16.0 15.0

3 thoughts on “The Voices for Inclusion”

  1. Kudos to the following students: Angco, Abenio, Curacha, Capito. Fundal, Priete, Rigonan and Villa-Abrille, Villavelez, Gultiano and Perez. You know your rewards. See you on friday.

    In summary, as a group, you have made a good presentation about inclusion. Individual citations for outstanding performance: Abenio, Villa-Abrille, Villavelez, Rigonan, Gultiano and Perez. Kudos for a job well done.


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