Special Education

Praying for the success of The Mission in 2011

My college students majoring Special Education are all set for an outreach mission with a tentative schedule January 26 at School for the Blind in Bago Aplaya and a Bayanihan Project in Bolton Elementary School in the heart of the city.

This activity will be headed by Jesirel Angco for the first activity and Felipe for the Bayanihan Project.

I hope and pray that this mission will be a genuine act with full participation by the school, concerned parties, benefactors and also the beneficiaries.

The objective of these activities are to share in the Vision and Mission of the college to reach out to people who are in dire need of help, in our case- the special children who are in the lower strata of economic definitions; to observe the different overt behaviors of children in different settings; to commune with the living conditions of our beneficiaries; to learn how to write in braille; to exchange ideas and learning  through reciprocal approach; to donate, contribute, and provide some materials such as books, toys, toiletries, trampoline, wheelchair, rubbermats, manipulatives, developmental board games and food.

To God be the Glory!

May this endeavor be a successful one. Let us pray that generous hearts will be enlighten and that people will show compassion through their donations and support.

May God bless us all!


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