Special Education

The Bayanihan Project

Children with disabilities have limited access to quality education especially in this unstable and turbulent times of our economy. Budget for special education has been diverted to other agencies because there were no voices to stop them. In the public schools, few children have complete set of educational materials for themselves. What more for children with special needs? There are various ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how to utilize the available materials and recycle what’s left on occasions. It can, however, attend to simple needs that even regular children can have. But for children with disabilities, these simple things require extraordinary features for it to be useful. Therefore, specialized materials are necessary, individualized textbooks and educational materials are necessary, optimized classroom facility is necessary, transport equipment for movement and transfer are necessary, therapeutic device are necessary. All these are necessary because needs of special children are not simple enough to address. It must be holistic and comprehensive to make one say “it is enough”.

The Bayanihan Project is a class initiative to address some needs in the class capacity. This is a social responsibility. As a catholic school with a vision and mission of reaching out to people who are considered outcasts in the society, the marginalized, the needy..just as Christ asks who are thy brothers, who are thy sisters…the students are geared to make some effort of coming out of their comforts and take a leap to help others particularly the marginalized, underprivileged special children of downtown Davao, the urban poor with special needs children in their community. It is time to extend a hand of hope to these people.

An excerpt of the letter of Teacher Cai address to the dean and quote “The Education students majoring Special Education (SPED 4) of Holy Cross of Davao College will conduct a “Bayanihan Project” at Bolton Elementary School – SPED Center on February 18, 2011, Friday 8:00-11:00 AM. We shall give toys, developmental materials, rubber mats and books as part of our objective of reaching out to special children and SPED Center who are in dire need of support.
This is in connection with the subject SPED 4- Observation and Child Study 1 where the students get the opportunity to observe different overt behaviors of children with disabilities especially in various settings. There are about 15-30 special children who shall take part in this event mostly from the marginalized sector of downtown area.
I believe that this activity will not only boost the self-esteem of special children that they will soon be teaching but also promote awareness and acceptance from our school community, local community and families about the different concerns on disabilities of children.


Activity Coordinator: Felipe van Leeuwen
Vice Coordinator: Rivabelle Sayson
Activity Consultant: Mrs. Marita Rigonan

Committee Chairs
Ways and Means — Inside School: Gultiano/Macomao
Outside School: Castillo/Campos/Quir/Posadas
Solicitations: Dujali/ Mindog
Transport–Mike Espanol
Program– Sayson
Food –Wabina/ Tinanac
Storage–Capito/ Manlangit/ Malingin/ Ilogon
Documentations– Matucading/ Abenio

Suggested Materials for Donations/Purchase
1. Rubber Mats
2. Toys
3. Books
4. Writing Materials
5. Pencils
6. Crayons
7. Notebooks
8. Bags
9. Board Games
10. Trampoline
11. Big ball
12. Wheelchair
13. Shelf
14. Slippers

Materials that are therapeutic, developmental, safe, enjoyable…
All kind donations are accepted.


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