Special Education

A Compilation of Essays on Special Education

Where do these special children came from?
Cristelle Miky C. Tinanac

There are different theories, gossips, and even superstitious beliefs in what and where these special children do came from. Scientifically speaking, some of the special children are born different compared to normal babies’ base on physical features. Other disabilities can be seen during the child’s growth. There are some causes that are genetics or inherited from the parents and some are develop later part in their childhood. Most of the reasons that cause disability is during the pregnancy, having poor diet, drinking alcohol, lack of intake of vitamins as well as minerals and in some cases having rubella and other disease during the prenatal stage.

In whatever causes of different disabilities and disorders that a child may have, still special children are gift and blessing from God. It is said that receiving a child is like receiving God. We must nurture and love them just like what God is doing. Children are special to God. They are innocent and harmless. They are his angels, our angels. Whether it is normal or special children. We are all equal. I remember what a blind man said “Blindness is not a hindrance, it’s just a limitation.”

Why do I take SPED?
by Rea Crissa G. Montederamos

I take SPED because of a lot of reason. First, to help children with special needs we must help them to learn because they have a right to taught us a normal God created us an equal, he/she must have a right to mingle to everyone normal or have special and understand their situation. Second, through this SPED I can make children smile and laugh and I want them to consider their self as a normal like children who can play and mingle to other children and go to the school. Third, the salary we all know that our country are facing the Global Financial Crisis that’s why all our needs are increase like food, gasoline, clothes, water and many more . Fourth, to help my parents and make them proud, when I take this kind of major they tell me it’s not easy but through this I can help many children and it can make me have a better future someday. Fifth, for God I know God give me this opportunity to help others especially with special need because they created us an equal he wants to consider the special need as a normal not an ugly. We must help them because they need us and they cannot understand their situation.

Why do I take up SPED?
by Beatriz Nicole Macomao

Special Education is very important to those children with special needs especially now that there are a lot of special children that needs education. Special Children needs more attention than the others so that they will think that they are loved by others.

I take up Special Education because I want to educate those students with special needs. I want to understand why they are acting that way. Unlike any other normal children they need more love and affection. One of the reasons why I take up Special Education is that I have a brother with Mild Mental Retardation (also known as Intellectual Disability). Through this Special Education, it can help me distinguish why he had this illness and how it can affect his studies. I want to help those children who have skills but have difficulty in developing it because of their disability. I take up Special Education because I want to know more about the different disabilities and educate the people in dealing with them. I want them to know that even they have this disability they can still do their best in doing things other children might have done. I want to learn how to communicate with them well. I take up Special Education because I want to know how to assess them. Through this I can be more aware about their disability and on how to manage them.

Through my course taken up, I can be assured that I can help them in everything they ought to be. This is why I take up Special Education to be more aware to those children. I think this would be enjoyable.

by Riva belle Sayson

All of us are made equal, especially in the eyes of GOD. We all have unique characteristics that made us different from the others.

Some of us were born with exceptions. They are different from us because of their disability. Some of them have problems physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some people treat them as if they are not humans,some makes fun of them like toys and clowns, others are scared to come near to them because they thought that their condition is contagious. These are only some of the unfair treatment that other people show to those persons with exceptionalities. All of us are human beings. Despite the disability that other people has, they also have to be treated equally like a normal being. Proper treatment must be given to them because they are the ones who need it the most. We all know that world is sometimes unfair, we must learn to give importance to others, especially those who need it the most. Eventhough they are different from us, they need to feel that they are not really far behind from being normal. We are made unique, but we are all humans, differences must not be a barrier for others to be treated unequally.

General Education VS Special Education
by Dona Mae Gultiano

General Education refers to a formal education containing pupils/students and teachers. It is also a systematized institution that allows students to enhance their skills and be more productive. Students are taught according to their grade or year level by their respective teachers. They are also exposed to some extra-curricular activities that are related to the lessons being discussed by teachers. On the other hand, Special Education is an instructionally based intervention. This program of the Department of Education is to provide children with special needs appropriate educational services within the mainstream of basic education. Special Education aims to provide a flexible and individualized support system for children and youth with special needs in a regular class environment in School nearest the student’s home, provide support services, vocational programs and work training employment opportunities for efficient community participation and independent living. The word Inclusion describes the process by which a school accepts children with special needs for enrollment in regular classes where they can learn side by side with their peers. However, General Education and Special Education are both concerned with the student’s need in terms of learning.

General Education vs. Special Education
by Audrey Amanda C. Quir

It’s not a secret that Special Education teachers earn a lot more than regular teachers. And this fact sometimes creates friction between the two sides, the other claiming who’s better and more important. But the thing that’s often forgotten is that without the other nothing is going to happen to our country’s educational status. Without the both of them, at the same time, Philippines will stay where it is and not move an inch toward improvement.

I would like to believe that when the pioneers of Special Education started this endeavor they had not thought of taking the spotlight away from the regular teachers, because in the first place there was no spotlight. Being a teacher requires a great deal of humility, whether a General Education teacher or a Special Education teacher.

General Education teachers are vital for the survival of our society. Who would teach doctors to be doctors? Engineers to be engineers? Businessmen to be businessmen? Without them, there wouldn’t be any chance that the Philippines would make it to the next year alive. But of course, Special Education teachers are equally important. It is because of them that people who are differently-able get a chance to live a life to the fullest. What kind of person wouldn’t want both of that at the same time?

It is at this point that I would like to stress, there is no ‘vs’. Why would there be? Our ultimate goal as teachers is to help our students reach their highest capacity in all aspects of life. And if the values and integrity of a real teacher is in us, we wouldn’t even be thinking about the salary.

As future educators, both regular and special education teachers, let us strive to break this barrier, forget about who gets paid more, and feel the real compassion to help the Filipino children in our hearts. And let this genuine love we feel do its magic in changing lives.

General Education vs Special Education
by Sheena Rose Priete

General Education and Special Education have the same goals. They have been implemented to help children become productive. General Education is an education in which it offers all the subjects that can make a person be literate in many ways. It involves a mental, social, psychomotor, emotional, spiritual activity that makes up a person. On the other hand, Special Education is an individually-based instruction for special children. It offers basic education for the children with special needs. Other SPED schools also offer vocational subjects.

Nowadays, majority of the children with disabilities attend schools in public schools. However, there are certain problems about this mater. These children cannot have a special attention from the teachers which leads the children to become illiterate because of some instances. One is that General Education teachers do not have enough knowledge about special education in which they don’t know how to handle these children especially during tantrums. Another thing is that the teachers cannot give proper lesson for the students because his or her attention will be divided. Not all special children can undergo general education. It depends upon their abilities because there are certain subjects in which they cannot do such as Physical Education. Special Children should be attending class in SPED Centers in order for them to learn and become productive. But the problem is not all families can afford to let their children enroll in SPED Centers. It is because of their financial problem. There are also public schools that offer Special Education but the school cannot accept children if they don’t undergo diagnosis. And diagnosis is very expensive.

These problems should find ways by the government. Let us give importance for these children with disabilities. They are also human and they should live happily despite of their disabilities. They are not different. They can be productive in their own little ways through the help of Special Education.

Why Do I Take Special Education?
by Fatima Andrea U. Villavelez

It was really not my plan to took up Special Education. But I think that God made it`s own way to embrace Special Education on me. And apparently it never occur as regrets, were in fact I’m glad and happy to become a future SPED teacher.

I was really being motivated to took up SPED for two of my cousins are deaf- mute. And as I am having this course, I find it interesting to teach and help those children with special needs for my cousins as well needs one. For when they arrived here, I was assigned to tutor one. I can`t explain how happy I am to help him even just for a while. I can`t explain the feeling of gratitude when he learns something from me and I’m looking forward to feel the same way when I’d be able to become a teacher someday. And that`s what made me realize that being a SPED teacher plays a very important role in molding a special chid to become functional and productive in our society. And I see how plenty of children here in Davao needs special education and I seek a helping hand for those children for I know God put me into this and He has purpose for me why I took up this future profession. And I know that I can handle everything that comes in my way for I know He is with me, that guides me.

“I am a Sped Teacher”
by Nimfa Abella

Being a sped teacher is one of the most difficult tasks to do. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance. A sped teacher must be a person who has a strong sense of personality. Handling special children is more difficult than handling a normal one. Learner’s who are special have also the right to learn and develop its potential. They must thought basic skills for them to survive and they are the learner’s who needs love and care. Seeing them learning with my help as a sped teacher feels good to be the part of the progress of a child who is in need to undergo the special education in their life as an individual citizen. Despite of their condition, I can see that they are doing their best to understand the things around them. It’s very difficult to handle them but I take that as a challenge to my self and my responsibility to be a sped teacher. Even other people think that they have no value in this world that they are different, that they are just a big liability in their family in their family but for me they are normal people but they are special in their own ways of living in life. Everybody has a uniqueness of personality. To live to the fullest in this earth by the wills of our almighty god in heaven.

Functional versus Academic in the field of SPED
by Emely Mindog

When caring for older adults, it needs to be aware of the common age and disease related disorders that can negatively affect functional ability of the person. When we say functional it refers to the assessment of one’s child that has particular disability. It is an assessment that will help one’s child on how to take care of his/her self by doing particular routinary matters like eating, dressing, and taking a bath and etc. Functional assessment is being applied to the persons who are older and including those with the most severe disabilities. These also demonstrate the applications of using tools that can help them in the day to day activities. By means of functional assessment you help the person to live in this world as normal that can do some of the task as being performed by the normal persons. Then when we say academic it is the foundational for the success of identification, placement and programming for children with special needs. The academic assessment is more applicable to the children and not severe on his/her disability that has the capability to learn in terms of academic. But these two systems helps the children’s and older persons that has disability to develop them and become more productive person in this society.

I am a SPED Teacher
by Corazon Fe L. Dujali

To live normally is an opportunity and life itself is a precious gift from God. Though every person might live in different ways and have different obstacles to undergo, learning will always take a part. Living is learning and so as every human being has capability to learn. All people are equipped with cognitive and appetitive faculties, we only vary in the degree. We all have our own abilities, interests, family and cultural backgrounds, attitudes that is why we are all considered as unique, special and should never be judged as futile.

Enthusiasm makes a goal burning, a tool needed in learning. With this, education comes in and rekindles every dry mind. A teacher was made and had been an instrument to set the fire burning. Teacher serves as conductor and learners are the fuel. But in the aspect of Special Education, teachers do conduct and at the same time fuels every learner. An amazing role that fervently guides those individuals who have disabilities. Giving opportunity for everyone and support to the parent’s of those special individuals. For teaching is a mission, SPED teachers do give full time dedication not only in class but throughout the areas to which they would be needed. Because of this, the word “EXTRA” suits best; extra care, extra time, extra effort, extra patience, extra understanding, extra love. That’s why teaching is the noblest profession for it teaches not only every profession but also transform every people who have special conditions. Not only touching every life but living with it. Maybe many would see a SPED teacher’s job as the worthless of all, but just always bear in mind that worthlessness comes from ignorance and insensitivity.

For me, teaching is not just the very core of being an educator. It is making difference out of the hardest in your student’s lives. Because a teacher affects eternity and that would never be paid nor denied. I am a SPED teacher and I can do extra special things out of little minds.

I am a SPED Teacher
by Sally N. Fundal

I am proud to say that my ambition in life is to become a Special Education teacher. Whose being aware that handling exceptional children and youth in spite of their disability they are still capable in learning, their mental ability maybe average, below or above average and they are like all other children have the same psychological needs, they want to belong, to be accepted, to be appreciated, and to be loved. In return they are capable of showing appreciation, gratitude, love and friendship. So looking forward to be an affective special education educator I idolized teacher who not only show good actions that the children need to follow but also prepares the human resources for the further development of the nation. The teacher that one who molds a child in what he will be on the future. Whose knowledge is being shared or transferred or imparted to the children. The teacher who is guiding the child for him to attain his dream and expectations.

As a future special Education teacher I will do my best to help exceptional children and youth to make them appreciate in school activities through a modified or functional curriculum and so enable him/her to learn the skill and competencies in basic education and help them attain their full potential by using effective strategies and approaches that suited to their capabilities.

Of course being aware of some characteristics of the said children, I know I must be patience enough to understand them. Must be knowledgeable enough to think or predict applicable strategies in the teaching learning process to make it meaningful to them. Like what will be the most applicable materials to use, and how to interact them, and applying experiences that will be safe, healthy, interesting, achievable and challenging to the children with special need.

The good teacher in special education must have the goal to help the children with special need to become independent by not depending assistance for the rest of their lives from other persons especially in terms of home living, social skills, community use, self direction, academic functional and health and safety. And they will become productive not only to their selves but also to their communities.

by Cherry Fe Posadas

Why do I take special education? When I entrance at Holy Cross of Davao College I chose special education as my course. My first reason when I take special education is that having that degree will help me in the future. It will give me a great job. The second reasons why I take special education that the first place my parents ask me to take it so that I can have a great work. But when I first encountered a special child I had fall in love with a child. Now that I encountered more special children with disabilities I had that feeling that I really what to be with them and teach them to live life.

Now I can totally say to when people ask me why I take special education because I’m in love them and I love them with all my heart. I will help them live life to the fullest.

Why do I take SPED?
by Evelyn Malingin

Why do I take SPED?…well I take up Sped (special education) because I really want to know the different kinds of disabilities, and I want also to know of how to take good care those children with disabilities. I take up also SPED because I was inspired by my teacher when I was still studying my care giving course, like for example in the module of “SPECIAL NEEDS” our teacher tackle about the different kinds of disabilities like for examples: autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, asthma, and etc. in this subject we have also tackle about the different characteristics of each disabilities, the sign and symptoms, the treatment or the medication, the causes of each disabilities and also we have tackle about how to handle those children or people having this different kinds of disabilities.

After I finished my care giving course, I have decided that I need to continue in studying about the different kinds of disabilities because I’m really curious about this. I want also to know that where this different kinds of disabilities came from. I also study SPED because I want to know why this different kinds of disabilities exist and I want to know the concrete causes, treatment or medication, the sign and symptoms and etc.

I take up SPED because I want to know how to avoid all of this different kinds of disabilities. I want also to help those children who are special and who really needs my help as a teacher in special education. I want also to gain more knowledge in how to deal with those special children. Lastly I take up SPED, because I want to prove to myself that even though it’s hard to become a teacher in special education but still I will do my best in order to fulfill my duties as a future teacher in SPED someday.

“Why Do I take SPED”
by Helena Flor T. Capito

When I was still in high school, choosing my course is such a hard thing to do. Back then I have lots of courses that I want to take up but there was this one thing that made me realize that SPED (special education) is the course that I want to take up. It is when I saw the film “I am Sam”. I know that the film “I am Sam” is not a movie about a Special Education teacher and it is about a guy with a Mental Retardation who is fitting for his right to take care of his daughter.

While watching that film, it made me realize how little I know of people with Mental Retardation and other disabilities. That’s when I said to my self that I will take up SPED (special education) because not only to know how to teach children with special need but also to know a lot about them. I want to know how they interact with people and how will the regular children interact with them, and how they manage to learn things with their capacities that sometimes they are smarter than regular children. I also want to know how I should deal with them most especially when they have tantrums.

Now I’m still learning how to deal with children having different disabilities and knowing their different characteristics. But I am enjoying myself while learning because sometimes we go to different SPED schools and we meet different children with disabilities and it’s so fun.

I hope I will learn a lot and I will become one of the best Special Education teachers and I can give my best capacity that I can give.


I first enrolled college at University of Southeastern Philippines taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math but for a half dozen reason I stopped. I went home under graduate. In a remote area I found myself teaching children ages ranging two to six years old in a day care center. I taught there for three school years. However, I realized that teaching day care is not enough for me. I can do more. I can give more than just teaching fifteen little children in a school year. So I continued my studies.

From Agusan del Sur I went back in Davao City to finish my course. I enrolled in Philippine College of Technology, BSED major in English Saturday class. I worked on weekdays and went to school on Saturdays but unfortunately I was not satisfied on weekend classes. That’s why I transferred in Holy Cross College of Davao. I was first enrolled here in BSED major in English but my sister suggested shifting on BEED so I was thinking what would be my major major. One of my subject, I had a classmate who was a unit earner who gave a remark on me and at the same time the light that leads my way to take up SPED. She said, “Bright ka girl, bagay ka sa SPED.” I was smiling and thinking, she’s absolutely right…she had a point…I will shift.
I graduated elementary in a Sped class. We were labeled as the fast learners. I thought that was Sped all about, teaching bright pupils but I was wrong. I never knew it until I took up my first major subject Introduction to Special Education. But I am still thankful. Now I understand people more than before. I understand why they are like this and like that, why they behave this way and that way. I understand and know now myself.

I didn’t choose to take SPED. For me it’s a call. I was called to be a SPED teacher. I am hoping and praying I will be one someday somehow…because in the scripture stated there that “Many are called but only few are chosen.”

Why do I take SPED ?
by Christopher Manlangit

Being a sped teacher is not my career’s choice but it’s my vocation before I shift from elementary major in generalist to special education , I pray to our almighty God that he will guide me and enlightened my mind to pursue my profession because being a sped teacher is not easy as other people say.

There are some reason’s before entering this profession
First is you must have the heart of a sped teacher , that has lots of patience and willingness to serve and teach a special child.

Second is you are willing to undergo different activities and face hindrances to come up with effective learning.

Third is many students chooses sped as their profession but few are called.

Fourth , being a sped teacher is really fun and you will benefit from it in terms of, it reduces fear of human differences accompanied by increased comfort and awareness, improvement and development of personal principles and it gives us warm and caring friendship towards our pupils.

We are all equal
by Nil Ann Rose Matucading

All of us are created by god with his likeness and image. God created us equally. So we must treat others equal too. For we have no right to discriminate others with regards only with their rank or level in the society. We should be fair to everybody. People who are highly seen in the society are most people who are very discriminating others. For as A human being we should be good all the times.

As a students of these institution, i should be open minded to all. I would not discriminate others. For I am only human beings. It feels good when there is something that you have done to others. Because it is good to give than to receive.Be good all the times for god is looking you.

We are all equal
by Azalea Sachi Abenio

We are all equal. God made us equally with his love. Each individual have their own given unique talents, skills, abilities and characteristics.

Somehow, some of us were born with disability. They have problems with their physical, mental and emotional, but they are not different from us, they are humans. Humans that made by GOD like us.

Some people doesn’t even know that GOD made them special and unique like us, but in different way. They treat them with no respect and sometimes they can’t even understand the situations why is it they have disabilities like that. Some of us are ignorant, they makes fun to them and treat and act them like a clown. Sometimes we forgot that they are still human beings, they need love, care, special attention, especially to those people around them (family, relatives, friends). Now, all we need to do is to accept and understand them with their unique disabilities. Give your special attention and shower your love upon them. As what I believe: Love those who are unique and special and you will be bless by GOD.

Stop Labeling
by Jamaica Campos

Each and everyone of us are born with the capacity to love and be love. Each and everyone of us are unique, we were born with different features and assets. cause. . .There could never be two man that are exactly alike. No one is perfect though each one of us have certain skills and talents though not everyone are given the chance and opportunity to hone there skills and excel in there own field. We should help them and give attention to these people to become productive and independent.

We are not suppose to limit there capabilities nor judge them because
these people are human beings they are born with heart and mind, physically they exist and are one of us, We are not suppose to criticize and look down on these people just because they are unfortunate to have a healthy mind and body because even if so they have they can feel and have emotions.

And so are we, all of us.Everyone of us wants to be loved and praised to belong in a group and be accepted there’s no one in this world wants to be treated badly. Especially for the people who have had disabilities they don’t need harsh and cruel things from us because
it is not there fault that they are disable.

Even doctors are trying not to name them such as to hurt them in every way they’re trying to not only limit there condition but in fact studying and searching for there strange and new condition so that we would know that there is more to them than what we see and think.

Why do I take up Special Education?
by Honeylou Perez Wabina

Special education is a very challenging profession where it cannot be bought with high salary.

I took up special education because I want to enter the world of my younger brother, he has hearing impairment. My desire to understand him awakes my innocent perception to take this kind of profession. I want to know the origin of this disability and the characteristics. To learn more sign language to have an effective way in communicating with him.

On the contrary, as the time goes by. I’ve realized that special education is very hard to deal with yet overwhelming. One of a kind because of the happiness I can get. I undergo special education because I love to teach special children. To nurture their minds as they developed their own skills. To be part of their development as they construct knowledge. To build a rapport and help them recognize the importance of things in their world despite of their incapacity.


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