Special Education

What Flight Are You On?

What Flight Are You On?
By: Cayetano Polancos Jr.
August 5,2013

There is a story of a woman who is speeding her car to the airport. In the highway, there is a traffic jam. She sees a car double-park, people crossing the street, buses loading and unloading passengers anywhere and vehicles waiting for the green light. carHoping she can escape, she takes the shortcut. Unfortunately, upon her journey to that unknown route she encounters much difficult scenarios: she is stuck in the muddy road because of a flat tire and worst she reads a small sign – dead-end.

Some parents of special needs children usually hopes for the regular route expecting to get things done easily, speedily and comfortably. However, there is no such thing as regular and shortcut routes to treatment. There is surely a better term – journey and process.

As you can see, traffic jam symbolizes the process of loading and unloading, learning and unlearning, double standard practices and people who confuse parents of the many myths and unproven alleviation to present childhood conditions. The shortcut route is the unforeseeable events when we rush things and it usually brings you to a dead-end thus bringing you again to the origin. In other words, you have to undergo a painstaking effort of starting all over again.

When things seem to fall apart, the dreams you have for the children seems to slip away and the frustrations piling up everyday, you tend to speed up like it’s a drag race trying to overtake the normal course of development. By doing so, you unnecessarily drag the child with your acceleration. When you are riding a sports vehicle, your child is steering a wagon. Let us see the analogy. Be cautious and not rush things. Be proactive. It’s easier to take the flight of truth now than take the immediate flight of escape which can eventually crash in the tarmac of anger and depression.

You have a choice.7317396-african-family-airport-cartoon Maybe the next flight, though long and exhausting, may lead you to the truth…that no matter what, it’s the journey that can make you see the beauty of life, appreciate more fully the positive and strengths of the child and the loving grandeur of God and how He chooses you among billions of human creations to be the vessel and carer of His special one.


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