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Shapingpro Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary

The Shapingpro Child Therapy Center marked their 4th year anniversary with a meaningful celebration with the Ma-a Central Elementary School SPED Center on August 8, 2014.

Teacher Jun entertains questions from parents


Teacher Jun provides input on the different techniques in handling difficult behaviors of children.
Teacher Jun pointed out the sensory processing problems that these children encountered which somehow influence them how they behave in their environment.
A father voices out his concerns and problems about his son’s behaviors.

Mr. Cayetano D. Polancos Jr., proprietor of the center conducted a free seminar attended by more than 50 participants including teachers and parents of children with disabilities.

Alongside the event, a feeding program was provided to 62 children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Visual Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Hearing Impairment who are enrolled in this school.

Teacher Honey distributed this nutritious food for them.

“The children are very happy that they receive loot bags with food in it aside from the arrozcaldo which was prepared and cooked by their teachers and interns.”, said Miss Honeylou Wabina, program coordinator of the center.

Teacher Chen prepares the loot bags for the children.
The children receives loot bags composed of various food items.
The UM SPED interns and parents helped in the preparation of food. Arrozcaldo is nutritious snack composed of rice, chicken, egg and spices.
“Thank you,” said the surprised child. “You’re welcome,” said Teacher Honey.

During the discussion, parents expressed their concerns and problems related to rearing and handling children with special needs. “Children with special needs have lags in their milestones, some even have multiple conditions, therefore I urge everyone to set aside traditional beliefs and practices and engage you child in meaningful and purposeful activities at home – a must for your child’s advancement,” said Mr. Polancos during the forum.

Teacher and parents listened intently as Teacher Jun explained the importance of rules in the classroom as well as in the home.
Parents listened carefully to the speaker while the free snacks are being served.

“All of these things have been made possible because of the generous donation of my friend, Julius Olegario, a Physical Therapist who is based in Abu Dhabi, his brother Jasper, my staff, my wife Azenith, the kind teachers of this school and the parents and their children who have welcomed even in short notice. We thank you all”, he added.

Teacher Jun thanked the people who made the center’s 4th year existence meaningful.

Mrs. Jean Pavon, SPED Coordinator of the school thanked the parents, children and the staff of the center for their valuable contribution in providing the activity which helped them in their practice.

Maam Jean thanked the people and the center who made this event worthwhile.

The participants also received free snacks and certificates. The center also donated seeds for the school’s program as well as beads and puzzles to augment their classroom materials.

Turnover of seeds, puzzles and other materials to improve the children’s performance.
V.I. Class with supportive parents and their children.


“The Shapingpro Child Therapy Center remains to be steadfast to continue its commitment of delivering appropriate and affordable therapy services to the people of Davao City. To those who cannot come because of distance and financial constraints, we are the ones who come, like this kind of event were we engage parents to open up and share their difficulties, problems, hardships and ask for advice on what to do with their child. We shall continue our SPEDition to every school who have special needs children,” Mr. Polancos concluded.


Article by: Jose Balandra

August 10, 2014

Shapers Gazette



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