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Shapingpro Celebrates 4th Year Anniversary


The Shapingpro Child Therapy Center marked their 4th year anniversary with a meaningful celebration with the Ma-a Central Elementary School SPED Center on August 8, 2014.

SAM_7590 Teacher Jun entertains questions from parents

SAM_7628 Teacher Jun provides input on the different techniques in handling difficult behaviors of children.

SAM_7644 Teacher Jun pointed out the sensory processing problems that these children encountered which somehow influence them how they behave in their environment.

SAM_7685 A father voices out his concerns and problems about his son’s behaviors.

Mr. Cayetano D. Polancos Jr., proprietor of the center conducted a free seminar attended by more than 50 participants including teachers and parents of children with disabilities.

Alongside the event, a feeding program was provided to 62 children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Visual Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Hearing Impairment who are enrolled in this school.

SAM_7662 Teacher Honey distributed this nutritious food for them.

“The children are very happy that they receive…

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