Special Education

Learning from the Experts

In the ongoing 8th Biennial Convention, I summarized today’s plenary with these scientifically proven ideas, approaches and interventions for children with developmental conditions. 


  1. Inhibitory Control – The child stays seated or on table. He waits before he is instructed. He is able to filter distractions and continues task. He thinks before he acts. 

FYI: At 6 months, the child inhibits to “no”. At 10 months, the child starts to maintain focus. At 4-5  years old, the child decreases perseveration (repetitiveness). 

  1. Working Memory – Child remembers 5-9 items for 10-30 seconds. He recalls and retains what has been taught. He completes task.

  2. Cognitive Flexibility – Child is able to shift and adjust in response to different demands. He finds a way to retrieve an object. He sustains attention.

Is your child able to possess the following traits? These are Executive Functions. These are the better predictors of academic success. It influences school achievement and social development.  

Delayed Gratification. We heard this when we cannot getwhat we wanted. To give you a perspective, by allowing your child to wait for 15 minutes before giving what he wants (note wants), studies show an increase in scores in achievement tests.

However, there are also negative influences that may arise when the following are practised:

  1. Frequent changes in primary caregiver. 
  2. Prolonged and early screen viewing. Screen viewing constitutes television, computer, tablet, ipad, android and smart phones and cellphones. Studies show an increase in hostile and aggressive behaviors, attentional problems, poor impulse control, bullying and violence. TV-DVD Educational Products do not work at all. It showed no proven effects in language and vocabulary of 17-24 month-old child. For 5 year old children it can be allowed only for 2-3 hours for “interactive tv shows” and parental supervision. 
  3. Low socio-economic status, orphaned
  4. Toxic stress (physical, sexual abuse)The Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics celebrates 15th year and present the 8th Biennial Convention held at Crowne Plaza Manila on September 1 and 2, 2015. Shapingpro Child Therapy and Integrated School is one of the delegates for this convention.  

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