The shapingpro is a combined term of the shaping program and the professional who does it.

It started in 2011 when the calling to establish a center to cater solely to children with exceptional needs are compelling. The need to have a quality, affordable and accommodating center is deafening as families hop around just to find a perfect place where their child could develop holistically.

Mr. Cayetano Polancos Jr or Teacher Jun founded Shapingpro Child Therapy Center in September of 2011.


Mr. Cayetano Polancos Jr.

The center offers Behavioral Therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , Educational Therapy for children with Dyslexia and Intellectual Disability and also Pediatric Physical Therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy.

We have already given therapies to numerous clients mostly from Davao City but we have also catered to clients from other regions of Mindanao who have come to seek for our services.

In partnership with other school and therapeutic communities, we have ventured out of our comfort zones to engage children with special needs who have no opportunities to be in a therapy center. That is to show that SHAPINGPRO remains to be steadfast in its commitment of serving children with special needs whatever the circumstances may be.

Presently, the center is operating at these days and hours, with Fridays and Sundays closed.

Shapingpro Child Therapy Center
Monday and Wednesday 8:00-12:00

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-3:00pm

Saturdays 8:00 – 12:00 noon

To avail of our services, we would require latest evaluation from a Developmental Pediatrician. The length of our services especially in the therapy section is 6 months and depending on the re-evaluation, it may continue as long as the child needs it.

For inquiries regarding our services you may contact us through:

Mobile: 0998-8816009

Landline: 284-3291

Email: shapingpro@yahoo.com

Address: 2nd Floor, Dona Segunda Complex, Ponciano St., Davao City

bless 1

Our “greenhouse” center is eco-friendly. This is the waiting area. The place is accessible and surrounded by establishments as options during waiting time.


Mr. Cayetano D. Polancos Jr., MAED-SPED, PTRP, LPT is a multiple license holder in Physical Therapy and Special Education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Special Education major in Behavior Disorders. In addition, he acquired academic units in Occupational Therapy and Pastoral Theology. He is also a Creative Writer and Community Stage Director. He was a former member of ADHD Society of the Philippines and National Association for Drama Therapy. Teacher Jun has taught college students majoring SPED at Holy Cross of Davao College and MATS College of Technology. His previous experiences were mostly pediatric rehab centers such as the Maharlika Children’s Rehab Center and Combating Child Poverty Phils. He was a consultant to NGO’s and public schools in Davao City with regards to special education and therapeutic interventions.


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  1. Juliane Meacy O.Animas says:

    good pm,my daughter julaiane is a mild cerebral palsy child.Our doctor is Dr.Agbisit.but it was almost 2years ago since we last visited Dr.Agbisit. I Just want to know if we are welcome to visit your institution for inquiries regarding her condition.she is now 4years old,able to talk,sing and even to stand by her own on her back againts the wall.our only problem is she cannt walk at her age.we have tried therapy for year but we stop because we are not able to sustain the expenses for her Therapiest.Hoping for your response.


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